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Ecrdprofessionals is proficient in developing safety policy/manual, emergency response/evacuation system (fire & first aid system), employee handbook, business strategy, management systems, company profile, safety checklist, career coaching and recruitment for client-organizations.


  • Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health 
  • Human Resources Management
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Career Choice
  • Temperament and Personality Traits
  • Organizational & Institutional Leadership
  • Professional and Workplace Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship Development &  Business Management
  •  Customer Relations Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Negotiation
  • and lots more –  get details on our BROCHURE.

Consultancy(Safety & Managment) – Clients will come to cognizance of the aid that quality management system brings in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of any work process enabled by quality structures, policies, strategies and checklists professionally designed and maintained by ECRDProfessionals.

 Management Training – Students trained under ECRDProfessionals, will recognize core management principles that depicts organizational success, through efficient and effective work process co-ordinations and intra-organizational relationships in line with best practice.  

Safety training– Students will enjoy enhancement in day to day safety practice with regards to  proper application of safety measures at workplace, reduced fatalities, damage prevention, absence loss of time and money and stable output in production. Students will also master the steps to emergency evacuation/response during emergency which will guarantee reasonable measure of mitigation incase of incidents. Book a training Today

Human Resource Training– Students will develop capacity and competence,  as a result become innovate on their jobs with enhanced skills for a more efficient and effective performance, boosting productivity and increasing profitability.

Career, Temperament and Personality training– Students  will come to cognizance of their strengths, weaknesses, best areas of functionality and sense of behavior management and as a result will be enabled to exhibit the required attitude and competence at work.

Also, students can easily identify their natural/inborn tendencies and how it affects their roles at work and how it impacts on entire work output.

OTHER BENEFITS                                                                                       Students trained by ECRDProfessionals, will enjoy reasonable discounts when initial course undertaken is combined with other training courses that we offer.

Access to our virtual & one-one career chat with ECRDProfessionals’ Career Guru/Coach specialized in building career persons with precision in discovering talents and secrets to industrial exploit – A career coach like non, with over 18 years of career coaching experience.

Freelance marketing with EcrdProfessionals in sourcing for students, to be trained in the courses we offer, which will attract huge percentage benefit for the supposed beneficiary as will be agreed upon before initiation of such venture.



-You can book online

-Walk down to our office

-Register with our Representative

Call our dedicated booking line 0814-039-1075

Send sms to 0814-039-1075 – indicating your name, the course you are interested in and the state where you reside

  16 hours course

    For other courses, you can find them on our website –brochure

On completion of the training, candidates will be required to sit for our world class standard examination.

-15 working days

-But on demand, if urgently needed, could be fast tracked within 10 working days.

-We are licensed by:

WSO (World Safety Organization -USA )

NISCN (National Industrial Safety Council Of Nigeria)

DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources)

CIPM (Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria)

-Offers NEBOSH In partnership with other reputable organizations in Nigeria.  

-Our team is made up of reputable and licensed consultants and trainers from:

ISPON (Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria )

OSHA-UK (Occupational Safety and Health Association )

CILGPAN (Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration  of Nigeria)

PFM (Fellow of Professional Financial Managers of London)

AHA (American Heart Association USA)

NEBOSH (National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health)

CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

Nigerian Red Cross Society

First Aid International Uk

St. John’s Ambulanc

CIPM (Chartered Institute of Personnel Management oF Nigeria)

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