PMP (Project Management Course)

Project management is an in-demand skill that industries such as engineering, oil & gas, healthcare, financial services, technology, law etc require people who have a high level of organizational and leadership skills. Skills that project managers are trained to develop.

You will learn strategies, tools, and tips used to accomplish project goals more effectively as well as achieve the aim of all professionally trained project managers which is to deliver high quality deliverables at every stage of the project without compromising cost and deadline.

For both small and large projects, this course in Project Management Training will provide all the necessary guidelines for seasoned professionals to effectively master.

You will:

  • Learn what project management is and the qualities of an effective project manager.
  • Understand the nine knowledge areas of project management and how they can be applied to your project.
  • Discover the phases of a project and what deliverables are expected when.
  • Identify a project’s key stakeholders.
  • Understand the different types of business cases and how to create a Statement of Work.
  • Learn to be prepared for the unexpected by utilizing risk management and change control.
  • Learn how to organize project activities by creating a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Create a network diagram to track your project’s progress.
  • Learn budgeting and estimating techniques.

Introduction to Project Management
Project Definition
Project Planning
Project Knowlege Areas
Project Mgt Process/ Professionals & Social Responsibilities


General Exams
14 questions

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PMP (Project Management Course)
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